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D-Woo HID color color temperature

D-Woo HID color color temperature


Xenon lights D-Woo products complete color temperature :

According to different users for different uses, providing

normal color temperature:3,000K(No coating), 4300K, 6000K, 8000K, 10000K,12000K,15000k,20000K,25000k,30000K

special color temperature:golod(Realize by 3000K Coating),pink,purple,green,dark blue

HID-gold= 3000 K coating(layer a gold-plated membrane)

To achieve gold color, we use the normal 3000K bulbs(because it is the most yellow in normal color temperature,

on its outside layer a gold-plated membrane, and thus the color is more yellow, this is Gold
gold bulb.jpg          normal bulb.jpg  

In the rain and fog days, the Gold HID have very good lighting effects, Suitable for installation in the foglight.it will bring your personalized lighting effects and unparalleled penetration!

D-Woo Experts suggest :

 the color temperature (K) and brightness (lm Lumens) is inversely proportional to the law

About normal color temperature,

We recommend 6000K, the maximum we recommend no higher than 8000K, 8000K have good effect in good weather night, but in rain and fog days, not very good, the color temperature higher than 8000K, the light will  changing color blue and purple, light is beautiful,but the penetration will become increasingly  worse, the lighting effects will become increasingly worse, will be more dazzling, it is not conducive to driving safety, no special use is not recommended.

Color temperature below 6000K, the light will become increasingly yellow, getting better penetration, but good weather night in the dark, its effect is not better than 8000K, so the middle program ,we recommended 6000K, to a certain extent on both work well in good wether night and rain and fog days

About special color temperature,

It very beautifu,but it only beautiful but not good light effect without Gold,only Gold have very good Penetration,have good light effect.

Remind: Color temperature tolerance in the ± 500K, different batches products the color temperature Can not guarantee exactly the same