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HID Xenon Bulb---D1R

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    HID Xenon Bulb---D1R

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    Single Beam

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1 we can supply 35w 55w 75w 100w 150w hid bulb

2 we can supply from 3000k-30000k colour hid bulb including pink purple and green etc special

3 we can supply all car motor truck and bus hid bulb

4,we can provide 900 series, H series, D series, 880 series

5.100% plug & play.

6. we can supply copper sets and steel stents 2 kinds way brackets HID Lamp

More focused  more precise  more heat  and  better conformity 

Steel stents hid bulb all same Philips hid bulb

7. we  can supply dc normal ballast,ac normal ballast,normal slim ballast , steady slim ballast , super steady slim ballast ,super steady ballast

HID conversion Kits=2pc ballasts +2pc HID xenon bulbs +other parts


Please keep in mind, certain vehicles may require you to run additional accessories for the HID kit to work properly.


The same price to reduce the failure rate and increase the stability of the lamp

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